The access, registration and publication of classified ads on the Carold Web Site are free.

CarOld website allows Sellers to create their own stores through the Marketplace for Members to sell their own goods by posting ads for free and contacting potential Customers/Buyers.

Allows Users/Buyers to find the best deals of products at National and International level.

Because we think of you, and in order to ensure security in the purchase, when the Buyer pays through CarOld, (option with costs) the value will be retained until the confirmation of receipt of the product by the same. By choosing this option the Buyer has the guarantee that the payment that only makes payment to the Seller after confirmation of payment upon receipt or delivery of the products by himself, through his account. We advise you to always opt for this option on the Carold Website as a security measure in a purchase.

The Website has an excellent organization of information, and allows Sellers to update their content at any time after logging into the Seller account.

The Website has modern features, is responsive, and is adapted for your mobile devices, smartphones or tablets.