Before surfing the Carold® website you should Read, Accept and Comply unreservedly with these General Terms and Conditions:

These General Terms and Conditions set out the rules governing access to and use of the Carold® website.

They must be read carefully because they explain the right to use the website, its functionalities, services, and contents. The use of any of the services of the Carold® website implies the express acceptance of these General Terms and Conditions (accessible through the footer of the website).

The Carold® website reserves the right to, at any time without notice, modify or change these General Terms and Conditions, and so, when you access the website, Users and/or Members should always read the mentioned conditions.

In the event of a change, Users and/or Members agree to accept the new General Terms and Conditions of the Carold® website, so that they can continue to use the website.

Should any User and / or Member contest, disagree or not comply with the General Terms and Conditions of the Carold® website, he shall immediately stop using the website, requesting the cancellation of his account through the contact form, and he cannot request any compensation or reimbursement for it to Carold® or PJSC Company, the owner of the Carold® website rights, for that reason.

These General Terms and Conditions express the agreement of the contractual relationship between Users and / or Members.

If any of the paragraphs and/or subparagraphs are to be declared illegal, void or unenforceable by a court or competent authority of any kind, the validity of the other paragraphs and/or subparagraphs of these Legal Terms and Conditions cannot be affected. Carold® website and this document are a Portuguese translation written in in English. In case of contradiction between these translations and the original version, the version Portuguese shall prevail.

Acceptance of these General Terms and Conditions

Users and / or Members who use the Carold® website declare that they have read, accepted and agreed to these General Terms and Conditions. Further, they declare to know that they cannot and are not authorized to use the website for illegal activities, or contrary to the Law.

1 – Carold® Website

2 – Access to the Carold® Website

3 – Intellectual Property

4 – Classified Ads and Featured Ads

5 – Membership Subscription

6 – Membership Responsibility

7 – Seller’s Responsibility

8 – Carold® Website’s Responsibility

9 – Marketplace (virtual store platform)

10 – Membership Billing

11 – Payment Methods

12  – Paying by Carold

13 – Disputes between the Carold® Website and a User and/or Member

14 – Cancellation of an Account by the Carold® Website

15 – Cancellation of an Account by a Member

16 – Notifications of the Carold® Website

17 – Vendor Reviews

18 – Final Provisions

19 – Exclusions

20 – Assistance to Users and/or Members

General Terms and Conditions.: Rules, terms, and conditions of use of Carold® Website. Hereinafter referred to as “General Conditions”.

Sociedade PJSC Unipessoal, Lda.: Hereinafter referred to as “PJSC Company”, owner of Carold® Website rights.

Carold® Website.: Hereinafter referred to as “Carold® ®” which provides data, features, contents, and services.

Member.: Person or Entity registered on the website who looks up, searches, creates or publishes classified ads.

User.: Person or Entity that uses the website to look up and search for classified ads.

Parties.: Seller and Buyer.

Classified ad.: Act that enables the Member to publish classified ads.

Premium Ads.: Are paid options that allow better visibility of classified ads in a privileged place to increase the number of viewing and contacts in your classified ad.

Paying by Carold®: It’s a secure payment method that allows the Buyer to make payment on the Carold® website securely. By choosing this option the Buyer has the guarantee that the payment that only makes payment to the Seller after confirmation of payment upon receipt or delivery of the products by himself, while the amount paid remains withheld until the sale/purchase are completed by the Buyer.

The purpose of Carold®, is to carry out the computer and advertising support of the Members’ classified ads, in order to facilitate the transactions in a secure way.

The interactive use of Carold® is offered by PJSC Company, and all registered Members will have access to Carold® website, which offers some free content or features, for example, registration will not be billed to Members. Only Featured Ads of Classified Ads shall be charged according to Carold® price list, as well as commissions to Seller if the Buyer chooses to make a payment on the Carold® website.

Carold® makes available all kinds of classified ads available for sale on the website.

In the event of cancellation of the classified advertisement by the Member or by Carold®, the Member may not blame Carold® or PJSC Company for the definitive loss of classified ad data.

Being just an advertising site for classified ads, Carold® does not intervene in any way in the transactions of the classified ads between the Buyers and Sellers except for payment methods, if the Buyer chooses to pay by CarOld®. Holds no responsibility for them, and thus, neither Carold® nor can PJSC Company be directly or indirectly liable if no transaction is made, or if a fraudulent or misleading transaction, etc, is carried out, nor can any kind of compensation or reimbursement be requested irrespective of the nature to either Carold® or the PJSC Company, for that reason.

As advertisers, the Members undertake to indemnify the PJSC Company for any damages suffered due to the inclusion of classified ads that go against the Law or Public Order, on Carold® website.

Each Member may register once and to do this he should enter the data requested in the registration form, namely, email address, country and create a login and a password. The other data: full name or entity, full address, postal code, TIN (tax identification number) and IBAN (International Bank Identification Number) are optional, and they will only be requested when you contract our services. We recommend that you do not use the same password in all personal accounts, in order to prevent access by unauthorized third parties to other accounts.

Information, files, and contents on the Carold®  website have been included in good faith by the PJSC Company and are for general information only. They may be used as evidence of contractual relationship execution.

The content of this website may include technical or spelling errors. By accessing the Carold® website, the User and / or Member agrees to the conditions of use.

Carold® and PJSC Company, are not responsible or liable for the behaviour, accuracy, completeness of the data submitted, quality, safety, compliance, transmissibility, operation, payment, etc., by the Users and/or Members, nor shall they be able to guarantee the quality and legality of products that Members publish.

They also cannot not guarantee that prospective Buyers will be able to acquire some product, or that the transaction will be completed, seeing that not all data and content are available to them. The Members are therefore liable for any loss or damage caused to themselves and/or third parties resulting from their behaviour, and Carold®  or PJSC Company shall be exempt from any liability whatsoever, nor may any compensation or reimbursement be requested irrespective of the nature to either Carold® or to PJSC Company, for that reason.

Carold®  or PJSC Company shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising from the use or access to the website, nor may any compensation or reimbursement be requested irrespective of nature to either Carold® or to PJSC Company, for that reason.

All Users and/or Members may visit Carold® website with totally free access. Users and / or Members shall be responsible for using Carold® website, and they shall have all necessary material to access it (computer, operating system, software, internet connection, network provider, etc…). All website connection costs are the responsibility of said Users and/or Members.

In order to provide its service, PJSC Company uses current technology used in the Internet domain.

In order to exploit the proposed services, the User and / or Member must also use the following services: java, adobe, flash player, allows cookies and pop-ups…

If the User and / or Member does not use the indicated technologies, he may have partial access to the content and functionality provided by PJSC Company, and PJSC Company cannot be held liable, nor can any compensation or reimbursement be request from Carold® or PJSC Company, for not correctly using the website.

PJSC Company ensures proper functioning of Carold® website, but it does not guarantee uninterrupted access, and it will have the right to change or interrupt, at any time, any service of the website. Also, it will make its best efforts to ensure that Carold® website is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, except for any restrictions that may arise from technical interventions, maintenance, alterations and corrections to the website deemed appropriate or necessary, without any prior notice to Users and/or Members, any bugs or breakdowns, fortuitous event or force majeure, and other which PJSC Company cannot control.

Carold®, PJSC Company, managers and employees, shall not be liable for any failure to perform, errors, omissions, interruptions, defects, computer viruses or line failures resulting from the use of the website, any damages or losses.

Users and / or Members accept the characteristics and limits of Internet access and recognize that access to the website is available just as proposed.

Carold® has taken the necessary technical security measures so as to guarantee the privacy of Users and/or Members’ personal data, preventing its alteration, loss, unauthorized treatment or access. However, Users and/or Members should be aware that if they do not have computer protection when accessing the website and surfing the Internet any information that concerns them may be used or viewed by unauthorized third parties, despite all the security measures adopted by Carold®.

It is the obligation of each User and / or Member to take all necessary measures to protect their material, operating system, software and any data that may be threatened by computer viruses.

It is forbidden for a User and / or Member to access the website to advertise their products or services. If they wish to advertise, they should contact Carold®, and wait for its prior written agreement.

The content of Carold® website is owned by PJSC Company, which holds all intellectual property rights, including copyrights. It is not allowed to reproduce parts of the content, download to disks or distribute to other people, etc… Only the use of the website content is allowed for personal purposes, in accordance with these General Terms and Conditions.

No part or data of Carold® website may be reproduced for the purpose of being marketed or distributed for commercial purposes. Any attempts to change information, upload information, or any other action that could cause damage and jeopardize the integrity of the system are strictly prohibited, under penalty of constituting criminal or administrative misconduct under national or Community law. By granting access to its website, PJSC Company is not granting any license or rights.

The unlawful alteration or use of the data and contents of the website for any unauthorized effects, for violating the intellectual and / or industrial property rights of PJSC Company gives it the possibility of claiming compensation for damages caused.

The Members grant permission to Carold® to use intellectual property rights entered by them on the website. This authorization will remain valid and in force for the duration of the contractual relationship. They also authorize Carold® to reproduce, represent or adapt the mentioned contents to enable their optimal presentation on the website.

The Member authorizes Carold® to publish the photos included in his classified ad in order to spread them on your ad in the website.

Classified Ads:

Always a Member creates a classified ad, before being placed online, Carold® will conduct a compliance check.

Members will be able to translate the announcement into the following languages: English, French, Spanish or Portuguese.

Through the Attributes, Members will be able to insert information or technical specifications.

The publication of at least one photo of the product for sale is advised.

After the deletion of a classified ad, data are completely destroyed/deleted. If the Member wants to spread the same ad again, he should log in to his account and re-enter the data.

Featured Ads: 

Featured Ads are payable options and they enable better visibility of classified ads, in a privileged location allowing to increase the number of views and possible contacts of your classified ad.

Price list:

1 Featured Ad – 7 days – 8 euros

1 Featured Ad– 15 days – 15 euros

1 Featured Ad – 30 days – 25 euros

The publication of a Featured Ad is only published when it is considered paid after confirmation of payment by PJSC Company accounting department.


Members claim to have legal capacity, to be of legal age and to have all legal capacities necessary to use Carold® website.

This website is intended solely for the personal use of Members.

Each Member shall have to register to publish a classified ad or access the website functionalities, as per the information on the registration form.

Registration is personal and non-transferable. The Advertiser is responsible for its actions with the registration.

An Individual/Professional has to have such identification, otherwise, he is in violation of the Law, and may be held accountable for deceptive practices.

The Member should always make sure that his login and password are confidential. Their use will be entirely your responsibility, whether fraudulent or not. If a Member finds out that his login and password were used fraudulently by a third party, he must immediately notify Carold® by email or via the contact form and the account shall be blocked, whereas the Member may request its portability to create a new safe account.

Carold® website may reject or request the amendment of a classified ad placed by a Member, if it breaches the Law as well as these General Terms and Conditions, not having to give a reason for it to the Member, nor may any compensation or reimbursement be requested irrespective of the nature to either Carold® or to PJSC Company, for that reason.

At the time of registration, the Member authorizes Carold® website to use his data for the purposes stated in these General Terms and Conditions.

From the Carold® website, Members manage the business relationship between them.

Carold® is a hosting website with information placed by its Members, governed by Portuguese legislation and shall only be responsible for its publications. Any content or publication made and entered by the Members on the website shall be the responsibility of each Member.

Carold® or PJSC Company is not responsible for non-delivery of emails if the addresses provided by Members are incorrect or obsolete, or by situations that are not within their reach or their legal area.

Members acknowledge that they are the only responsible for the texts, photos, images, logos, videos, links or other content entered by them on the website, and ensure that they do not violate any regulations or provisions, intellectual property rights of third parties, or any legal or administrative provision, nor may any compensation or reimbursement be requested irrespective of the nature to either Carold® or to PJSC Company, for content posted by Members on the website.

If texts, photos, images, logos, links, videos or other content entered by Members do not comply with the General Conditions, have no connection with the classified ad, are of poor quality or have comments, images of people or third-party companies, Carold® may refuse or delete the content, nor may any compensation or reimbursement be requested irrespective of the nature to either Carold® or to PJSC Company, for content posted by Members on the website.

If you notice that a third party is using the information transmitted abusively, you should immediately delete the account, taking all the responsibility arising from that publication. Also, the authorities and PJSC Company should be immediately notified.

The Member has the obligation and shall make sure that all contents published are free of computer viruses or other kinds of programs that may be a threat to the use of Carold® website. If it is found that the Member has not acted with care and diligence when publishing or making changes and that his negligent or malicious action results in damage to both Carold® and PJSC Company, compensation or reimbursement may be requested, if applicable, to the Member for any damage caused.

Members are responsible for the relation and communication on the website with Users and/or other Members.

Members declare that they are the only responsible for the payment of the costs of sending/delivering products or any other cost associated with the sale of products, including taxes. And they are obliged to deliver the products as described in the classified ad.

The products advertised and sold at Carold® are the entire responsibility of the Sellers, namely with regard to their property, quality, safety, origin, guarantee and compliance with the applicable legislation.

Members claim to be owners, legal representatives or heirs of the products they advertise.

A Member may not sell a crushed or non-functional car or a  broken product or non-functional without previously describing this fact in the classified ad.

The issue of the invoice for the sale of the product is the sole responsibility of the Seller.

Carold® is only responsible for its own data.

All photos and images placed on the website by Carold® are merely exemplary, constituting only illustrations of published classified ad content.

Carold® and PJSC Company are not responsible for the actions and/or omissions of the parties (Seller, Buyer).

Carold® is just an information hosting website for its Members whereby any dispute arising out of a classified ad shall be resolved between Members (Seller, Buyer), who shall use the legal means at their disposal in order to safeguard their interests.

All Users and/or Members of the website declare to exonerate Carold® or PJSC Company from any liability, and they may not ask for any compensation or reimbursement either from Carold® or from PJSC Company on:

  • The content of the information provided, mentioned and entered by Members on the website, namely, photos, images, logos, videos, description of a classified ad or other content that may be against the Law.
  • For loss or change of data that result from browsing the website.
  • Accessibility and/or functional permanence of the Carold® website.
  • Loss of profit, direct or indirect, material or immaterial damage caused among Users and/or Members.
  • Acts or omissions of Users and/or Members.
  • Or any personal or property damage sustained by its Members, suppliers or other persons, for all damages caused to third parties, their equipment, etc, directly or indirectly resulting from the activity developed by Members, their staff, their suppliers, etc…

This list is merely exemplary and cannot be considered exhaustive.

Carold® has implemented on the website, a “MarketPlace” (virtual marketplace platform) which allows Sellers to sell through this platform after registration as a Seller on Carold’s website.

Operations carried out through Carold’s Marketplace are celebrated directly between Buyers and Sellers. Carold does not assume the position of agent, distributor, representative, reseller of the products offered by the Sellers through Carold’s Marketplace. Therefore the products acquired through Marketplace service cannot be returned or exchanged by Carold. 

The Service consists of a set of tools that allows Buyers to register on the site, contact Sellers to order the products, make payment for the products, confirm receipt or delivery of the products, through their account in the homepage with functionality «Order Reception». After confirmation of the order reception, the amount will be transferred to the Seller. 

The Member is responsible for his Store, the products sold and the status of the stock. Carold or the PJSC company cannot be held responsible, and no compensation or reimbursement may be claimed from Carold® or PJSC Company, for that fact.

To use the Marketplace Service, Buyers and Sellers will have to accept to be subject to these Terms and General Conditions without restrictions, nor reservations.

PJSC company shall issue an invoice to the advertiser whenever there is a payment derived from:

• Featured Ads

• Seller commissions

PJSC company will issue a receipt when Carold® receives a payment from a Buyer, the payment will be withheld until the Parties (Seller/Buyer) have completed the sale/purchase.

PJSC company warns its Members that they only issue receipts directly in order to facilitate Buy/Sell between Members and shall not be entitled to receive any compensation or reimbursement whatsoever from Carold® or PJSC Company, insofar as it has no intervention whatsoever in the transaction of the products, as it is just a data hosting website with information placed by its Members.

If the Member wishes the invoice to include his tax data, they should be entered in his profile. Amendments shall not be accepted after the purchase of the product and corresponding issue of invoice.

All amounts collected include VAT at the legal rate in force at the date of the invoice.

In accordance with current legislation, the price for the provision of services is indicated in euros.

The available payment options are PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Bank Transfer and  Multibanco, Mbway e Payshop (only available in Portugal). If you pay by bank transfer it is mandatory to indicate the classified ad number or send a message using the contact form confirming your transfer, indicating the day, your personal data and the classified ad number, to be checked by PJSC Company services.

Payment for services by credit card will be made through CAROLD, using a third-party payment platform, STRIPE.

Payment processing of services through the website is provided by Stripe and is subject to “Stripe Connected Account Agreement”, which includes the “Stripe Terms of Service”, together with the “Stripe Services Agreement”.

By agreeing to these terms or remaining a Client of, you accept the Stripe Services Agreement, which may be amended by Stripe from time to time. As a condition of your use of the payment process for services through the website through Stripe, you agree to provide CAROLD with accurate and complete information about yourself and/or your company, plus you authorise CAROLD to share such information in addition to the information required for the payment process for services provided by Stripe. Funds will be held by this platform until the service is completed. CAROLD will at no time have access to users’ funds. CAROLD declines any and all liability in respect of monetary transactions or payments made between Customers, which occur outside the platform, to which it is totally unaware.

Because we think of you, and in order to ensure security in the purchase, when the Buyer pays through CarOld, (option with costs) the value will be retained until the confirmation of receipt of the product by the same. By choosing this option the Buyer has the guarantee that the payment that only makes payment to the Seller after confirmation of payment upon receipt or delivery of the products by himself, through his account.

We advise you to always opt for this option on the Carold Website as a security measure in a purchase.

How does it work: Allows the Buyer to make the payment on the Carold® website, which is retained by Carold® until confirmation of the receipt or delivery of the product, through his account on the homepage with the functionality «Order Reception». After confirmation, the amount will be transferred to the Seller.

Costs: Carold® shall charge a commission of 5% (five percent) including VAT at the Seller on the value of the purchase when the Buyer confirms the receipt or delivery of the product through his account, on the homepage, with the functionality «Order Reception». The commission will be deducted from the amounts paid by the Buyer when Carold® transfers the payment to the Seller (72 hours working days), issuing PJSC company the respective commission invoice. Bank transfer times are regulated by the Portuguese Banking Law.

If the Buyer does not confirm the receipt/delivery of the products through his account, on the homepage, with the functionality «Order Reception», the Seller may do so through to the Carold® contact form and must send mandatorily the proof of delivery or sale. In this situation, Carold® shall send an email to the Buyer to confirm that the information is true, granting him a 72 hours period for feedback. At the expiration of the above period, and if the Buyer does not confirm, the receive/delivery will be deemed to be made and accepted by him, after which Carold® will proceed to pay the Seller.

In case of health problems, bankruptcy, insolvency, dissolution, judicial decision, if the person and/or company is not authorized to continue its activity, should Carold® know about such a situation, it has to inform the Member. In cases where it is not possible to go on with the purchase, Carold® has to return the amounts paid to the Buyer, discounting any costs incurred by the Seller, if applicable, and duly proved and accepted by the Buyer, deducting bank costs Carold® may have to return the amount.

In the above situation, and so that Carold® may settle the costs, Buyer and Seller undertake to inform Carold® of the amounts it will have to pay to Seller, through to the Carold® contact form.

In case one of the Parties dies (Buyer and Seller), and it is impossible to continue the purchase, Carold® will refund the amount paid to the heirs, provided they prove the legitimacy by means of a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to the registered office of PJSC Company, whereas the heirs must attach proof of legitimacy, except for any bank charges that Carold® may have had. The heirs have a maximum period of 2 (two) years from the death to request the refund from Carold® and prove the legitimacy, after which time the amount reverts to Carold®.

If Buyer or Seller due to Force Majeure and duly justified through the Carold® contact form give up the sale, Carold® undertakes to return to Buyer any amounts it has paid on the purchase, deducting the costs incurred by the Seller if the Purchaser has given up the sale and bank costs may have had with return of the amount.

Dispute: If the Buyer has initiated the purchase and finds any anomaly or inconsistency, he can ask to block payment through the Carold® contact form.

If the Buyer and Seller are in dispute, they will have to inform through to the Carold® contact form, if they have filed a lawsuit, or if they are solving the matter extrajudicially.

In this situation, Carold®, shall keep the payment blocked, awaiting a judicial or extrajudicial decision, and neither the Seller nor the Buyer may ask for any compensation or reimbursement whatsoever from Carold® or PJSC Company.

If the Parties (Buyer and Seller) have reached an agreement, they may unlock the amount through to the Carold® contact form, and unlocking is mandatory by both Parties, otherwise, the amount will remain withheld.

If there are costs and they are accepted by the parties (Buyer and Seller), payment shall be unblocked, Buyer and Seller undertake to inform Carold® of the amounts to be paid through to the Carold® contact form.

The amounts above shall be settled through the amounts previously paid by the Buyer on Carold® website for the purchase. If Carold® still holding an amount, shall be obliged himself to return the remainder to the Buyer, except for any bank costs of Carold® may have had, by bank transfer.

The return of the amount paid by the Buyer may not be requested if the purchase is in dispute.

In the above situations, Carold® or PJSC Company shall not be liable for any personal or property damage incurred by the parties.

Buyers and Sellers are being fully responsible for any damage and all losses resulting therefrom, and no compensation or reimbursement may be claimed from Carold® or PJSC Company, for that fact.

In the event of a dispute or conflict between Carold® and its Users and/or Members, the actions shall be submitted to Portuguese Courts or resolved through means of alternative dispute resolutions, further identified in paragraph 17 of these General Conditions.

The violation of these General Terms and Condition of Carold® website as well as of the legislation in force by a Member may lead to the suspension or cancellation of his account by Carold®, depending on its severity, without the need of notification to do so, and the Member shall not be entitled to receive any compensation or reimbursement whatsoever from Carold® or PJSC Company, for the said suspension or cancellation.

If Carold® finds that a Member has placed content that does not fit the company’s policy or goes against the Law, it may:

  • Request deletion or correction of such content;
  • Suspend the Member’s account in Carold® website;
  • Or, given its severity, cancel the Member’s account in Carold® website, without the need of notification to do so, and the Member shall not be entitled to receive any compensation or reimbursement whatsoever from Carold® or PJSC Company.

In case of a Member’s exclusion, his classified ads shall also be excluded, without the need of notification to do so, and the Member shall not be entitled to receive any compensation or reimbursement whatsoever from Carold® or PJSC Company, derived thereof.

To cancel the account the Member will have to send a message to notify the cancellation through the Carold® contact form. He will then receive a confirmation email from Carold®.

The definitive cancellation of the Member’s account implies total elimination of the data and all the information of the account. Cancellation will only be possible if there are no purchases in dispute or costs to be settled.

All Members may cancel their registration as long as they observe the Legal Obligations, Service Conditions and these General Terms and Conditions of the Carold® website.

Sellers can receive messages from Buyers about products for sale via the “Ask a question” form or chat, through the store.

Members may receive notifications by phone or email from Carold® or from advertising partners. They may activate or cancel the notifications through emails received, contact groups or by email sent to

If a User or a Member detects any notification or advertisement seems to encourage crimes against humanity, racial hatred, child pornography, violence, including violence against women, as well as attacks on human dignity or other likely to be considered crimes or offenses, Members shall send an email alert or a contact form to Carold® so that such notification or advertisement may be withdrawn immediately. Or, due to its seriousness, immediately contact the police.

For a Buyer to make the selection of a Seller more easily, Carold® created a review system after a Buyer purchasing a product. And advises Sellers to have the reviews functionality of a product active. If there are no stars, it is because the Seller does not have reviews yet.

Members declare and freely accept that these reviews are consulted on the Carold® website by other Users and/or Members.

The headquarter of PJSC Company is domiciled in Portugal and shall be governed by the Portuguese Law.

For information, clarifications, complaints, reclamations, etc… you can contact CarOld® through the contact form on the website’s homepage. If you want to file a formal complaint, you can do so through our online complaints book,

Alternative dispute resolution?

All consumers have alternative means at their disposal to use official entities to help them solve or assist in any conflict, before starting litigation in Court.

In a situation of dispute, the Parties may resort to the Conflict Arbitration centers better identified below:

CACCL – Lisbon Consumer Conflict Arbitration Center – Portugal

Address:        Rua dos Douradores, n.º 116, 2.º, 1100 – 207 Lisboa

Phone:      +351 218 80 70 30

Fax:               +351 218 80 70 38



CACCDC – Coimbra District Consumer Conflict Arbitration Center – Portugal

Address:        Avenida Fernão de Magalhães, n.º 240, 1.º 3000 – 172 Coimbra

Phone :     +351 239 821 690

Fax:              +351 239 821 690



 CICAP – Porto Arbitration and Consumer Information Center – (Consumption Arbitration Court) – Portugal

Address:        Rua de Damião de Góis 31 loja 6, 4050 – 225 Porto

Phone:      +351 225 508 349

Fax:               +351 225 026 109



TRIAVE – Ave, Tâmega and Sousa Consumer Conflict Arbitration Center – Portugal

Address:        Rua capitão Alfredo Guimarães, 1, 4800 – 026 Azurém, Guimarães

Phone:      +351 253 422 410



CIMAAL – Algarve Consumer Conflict Information, Mediation and Arbitration Center – Portugal

Address:        Ninho de Empresas, Edif. ANJE – Estrada da Penha, 3º, Sala 26, 8000 Faro

Phone:      +351 289 823 135



CIAB – Consumer Information, Mediation and Arbitration Center – Consumption Arbitration Court – Portugal

Address:        Rua D. Afonso Henriques, 1, 4700 – 030 Braga

Phone:      + 351 253 617 604

Fax:              + 351 253 617 605


For further information, you should consult the Consumer Portal –

Or access the online dispute resolution platform:

If you are a consumer living in another Member State, you may also submit your complaint at the European Consumer Centre (ECC), by accessing the website:

These exclusions indicate classified ads that are not accepted:

– Weapons

– Money laundering

– Pharmaceutical

– Nuclear

– Policy

– Pornography

– Game service

– Emergency service

– The other classified ads that, due to their activity, are against the law or public order.

This list is merely exemplary and cannot be considered exhaustive.

We are available from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 6 pm.

In case you need help, please contact us and we will answer back as soon as possible.

If for some reason we cannot reach you through your account, we shall use other means that you have made available at the time of registration.

Carold® and PJSC Company shall not be liable if they cannot come into contact with a Member through the available means, and Members may not request any compensation or reimbursement whatsoever for the absence of contact.