Tips Before Making Any Transaction


The Buyer must always verify if the products correspond perfectly that has negotiated in the ad.

Before making any transaction try to obtain all necessary information about the products, buyer, seller (name, address, telephone number, in the order verify if the information transmitted is correct). Always confirm that the property belongs to the seller, try to get legitimacy documents whenever this is possible. We remind you, when the seller gives you personal information, it does not protect you from being deceived.

In order to ensure security in the purchase, when the Buyer pays through CarOld, (option with costs) the value will be retained until the confirmation of receipt of the product by the same. By choosing this option the Buyer has the guarantee that the payment that only makes payment to the Seller after confirmation of payment upon receipt or delivery of the products by himself, through his account. We advise you to always opt for this option on the Carold Website as a security measure in a purchase.

If you do not choose to make the payment through the Carold Website, we recommend:

  • Make the payment whenever possible against the delivery of the products.

  • Do not make advance payments, bank transfers, or international payment services before sending the products when you make a purchase, especially abroad.

  • When it’s possible, ask for the invoice or receipt of the products you wish purchase.

  • If you are a buyer, make sure that the good corresponds to the trade.

    Make sure that the property is not subject to any attachment, assignment, leasing, etc…

  • If you are the seller, before sending the products, check if you have the conditions of payment and any associated costs, duly agreed and finalized with the buyer.